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Red Snapper Fishing From Pensacola Beach, FL

Book your next Pensacola Snapper Fishing Charter with Total Package Charters! We offer Pensacola Snapper Fishing Charters for Red Snapper, Vermuelen Snapper and other types of Snapper in Beautiful Pensacola Beach, Florida!

Giant Red Snapper Deep Sea Fishing off Pensacola Beach Florida caught on charter boat Total Package Charters - Pensacola Charter boat fishing

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Pensacola is one of the hottest destinations to book a Red Snapper fishing trip. Pensacola Snapper Fishing is one of the most exciting types of ocean fishing. Snapper are beautiful fish, powerful fighters, and they are one of the most sought after seafood dinner plates, world wide.

The Gulf Red Snapper – Lutjanus campechanus – are abundant in the near shore and offshore waters of Northwest Florida. This species of snapper can grow to reach 30+ pounds, and the IGFA World Record was 50 lbs. and 4 oz. Pensacola snapper fishing ranges in depths from 30 to 300 feet, and they frequent artificial & natural fishing reefs. As juveniles, snapper use the cover of deep sea structure to remain secure during the daylight hours, and venture out across the sand in search of shrimp and crustaceans at night. Adult Red Snapper will eat just about anything, including juvenile snapper. Try Pensacola Snapper Fishing for steady fast action that keeps all ages interested and entertained.

Pensacola Red Snapper Fishing Season Dates

In decades past, Red Snapper were declared to be in decline. As a result of strict regulations, the Red Snapper population has rebounded with a vengeance. Red Snapper are now abundant, and thriving in the Gulf of Mexico. Pensacola Snapper Fishing is a favorite for all anglers.

Gulf of Mexico – Federal Waters Snapper Season – June 1st through approximately August 15th. More info at

How to fish for Red Snapper

The fishing trip length and type will determine the ideal method for catching Red Snapper. While most snapper are very aggressive feeders and will bite on just about any type of gear, the old giants are much wiser and aware of moderate to heavy tackle. Pensacola Snapper Fishing is fun for advanced anglers.

On longer length, pensacola fishing charters we can be a little more selective and use larger baits to entice the “sow” snapper. Careful now, it takes some skill and a lot strength to muscle large Red Snapper away fro structure.

On walk-on charters, we will mix it up. In order to minimize “line crossing” in the current, we use some heavier rigs that tend to hold straight down. One advantage of the heavier gear is that two hooks can be fished at the same time, and allow for double “hook-ups”. For you land lubbers, that’s two fish at a time! Another advantage to the heavier fishing tackle is that the fish can be reeled in at a much faster pace and, the action is just a thrill! The average size Red Snapper caught on two hook rigs ranges from 2-20 pounds, and a pair of ten punders will bring you to your knees!

Pensacola Beach and the charter boat “Total Package” are better than ever! Go deep sea Red Snapper fishing with us and you will see why our customers keep coming back!

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